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or in London by us to avoid trouble to the Club.  They wd [appoint?] their agent or we would send it for delivery to ours and in fact adopt the means that would be pointed out best, for safety economy or convenience.
You will see by this that it will quite suit us to sell the wine by Cask and only in addition charge the bottling.  We are ready even to send it in Casks but it has never succeeded hitherto and some our best 1848 sent to Sydney sent at 3 different times have been utterly lost in Cask.
I think I have answered you about the wine and now turn to the Cunninghamia affair, which you have so well elucidated.  Our head man at the botanical Garden of Bordeaux, could not be persuaded till I shewed him the twig & he now as well as my own gardner consents to believe the true Cunninghamia is still forthcoming.  Charles Barton has a you surmised gone through Paris 'sans s'arreter but I hope he may have soon the pleasure to see you in London.  It has occurred to me that you would be glad to have a list of the past and present duties on Wool as it is so interesting a staple of your adopted country and will find it enclosed.
I have always taken a great interest in the concern of that great 5th Continent called  Australia, and was the first to send ships from hence to Sydney, and if I could extend the intercourse which has since followed the discovery of the gold fields; would be very glad indeed if even my house of business had [so?] profitable share in such intercourse.  It is however very well placed for such a function and has already some [indecipherable] there in trade that may be extended.
The present check, is bad commercial regulations or legislation in France

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