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London 30 Oct 1853

W Mc.Arthur Esq

Dear Sir,
We have acknowledged your favor of 27th March, handing us Messrs Donaldson & Co's a/ of charges on the12  Hhds of wine amounting to £13.13.6 Due note is taken of your instructions to forward 22 Doz Quarts & 30 Doz Pints to Paris - we trust we shall be enabled to ship there on Thursday by the "City of Rotterdam" to Dunkirk.
Inclosed we hand you a note of our calculation
of the cost of the wine  including all charges -  Of the light
Wine we have taken our ? on two Hhds -  the guages 
being nearly the same - & you will perceive, that to cover the first cost of 57 Gallon in Sydney you will require
14/6 Dox for the pints and 27 for the Quaits - of the
muscated we have taken the whole quality [?]
19 L 34/6 - we think these [?] might be somewhat
enhanced - The [M?] will not sell truly, there 
being so little demand in England for select wine -
the light wine will sell, but the reason is now 
& I've doubt much if they could be placed before next 
? We shall [?] you when the wine is sent
off meantime, we remain 
Yours faithfully 
Donaldson Lambert
the Red wind is in beautiful
condition & we have ordered 
it to be bottled forthwith.


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