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There are several points connected with vines and wines upon which I should feel much obliged if you could enlighten me.

1st as to the Sweet Water Vine we have in this Colony a collection of Spanish Grapes imported direct from Xeres [Jerez?] & forwarded by Mr Cormack, mentioned by Busby as [indecipherable] of the Machar Mundo [indecipherable]
these vines are
Pedro Ximenes
Moscatel [Menudo?] blanco
Mantuo Castillano
Mollar Negro
Moscatel Gordo blanco  
[note relating to the above 5 lines] Corresponding in name with those imported by Busby in his Spanish collection.
Palomino blanco
Belas blanco.       
Ferastes Colora
A large coloured grape, name lost.
Bailey of Hackney Nursery, [Adelaur?], has most of these in bearing and he says that the Palomino blanco is precisly the same Vine grape, [indecipherable] as the Sweet Water.  Bailey also says that while in England last year he found that our Sweet Water was not the common Sweet Water, but some improved variety the name of which he forgets - the cultivators who have both Palomino & Sweet Water in

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