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Sydney 28th November 1855

Joubert 1855

James Mac Arthur Esq

Dear Sir
The six Hogsheads of Wine have safely arrived, and your carrier is receiving a quantity of empty wine bottles, I hope that he will be able to take 58 dozen, which I had ready for him, and the two empty Hhds [sent?] previously with the [indecipherable] wine.
I could not afford to pay 6/ per gallon for the Red Wine, I will however try a certain quantity on [indecipherable], Viz. on te same terms as the "Muscat. X you may therefore send me a couple of Hhds by next convenient opportunity --  If I find after bottling it, that it answers my expectations I will ask you for some more, in order to have on hand a good stock ready for the next summer.  My second Hhd of Gouais, 1851

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