Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 377

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we shall then follow your instructions and give the Wine away, so as not render you liable for any further charge for rent, which will enable us to close this long outstanding Consignment, and to render you an A/Current, in accordance with your wishes.
We are very glad to learn that this severe Drought the Colony has been visited with - was shewing signs of breaking up; and we trust that many years may elapse before such a calamity is again felt.
On this side we are threatened with the extermination of our Herds by the horrid Rinderpest that has prevailed for so many months throughout the Kingdom.  Within the last few days we regret to say that this plague has been again introduced into the [indecipherable] owing to the importation of diseased Cattle from Holland.
Our first series of Wool sales for the year opened on the 1st July, and it

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