Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 342

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I estimate roughly the cost about £80.
I propose on this purchase to hand you £50, and if I am able to effect ready sales, I would wish to renew the order to enable me to keep up a Stock.  This to be paid by P/Note with the balance added at 3 mo credit.  If I can pay off a part before the Bill comes to maturity so much the better for me.
It will cost me about £20 to procure bottles & cases in the most careful way I can go to [work?]  I would like to try some of the young Wine we spoke of to sell at a low price in draught -
I regret to make so long a letter & take up your time.  I am anxious to make myself clearly understood by you.  You will therefore I hope forgive me.
The Hay Press has arrived Freight £1 to pay  I will forward it on Monday.  Would you kindly enclose me the above amount ([indecipherable] not available [indecipherable] today.)
I am Sir with much esteem 
Your Very obliged & obedient Servant
Ralph Hutchinson

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