Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 122

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"titivate" his wizened man into presentable shape & wend his way across (ten minutes walk) to the charming young widow.  There he was sure to find society more or less from Paris;  generaly some English, which made his evenings pass pleasantly.  He is quite an original old bachelor just your age and evidently a great favorite, as one might see from the way his neighbours servants accosted him, and from good humoured remarks and lively repartee exchanged between him and groups of peasant women & girls collecting acorns in the woods for their pigs.  I mean to buy a few dozen Chateau Carbonieux [Carbonnieux] before I finally quit France as a specimen of a good "Grave" wine.  Old Mr. Guestier continues to be as kind as ever.  I have ordered several of their different tools & utensils to take out with me next year.  Some of them will be very useful in the cellar.  I am not sure that a good Bordeaux cooper would not be a great acquisition.  Their work is beautiful and there are various ingenious contrivances in cellar management which they could soon be imported to our people, but which could hardly be learned by description.  I hope to be able to take notes on my next visit here.  I have had difficulty in doing so this time.  Let me know if you think I ought to engage a good cooper to go out to the Colony with me or about the same time as I go.  I have bespoken nearly to the value of £20 of small quantities of the very finest wines produced in this district and at the Hermitage.  Do not think me

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