Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 030

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does not get rid of it under a year or so unless artificially fined
I am inclined to think this must be the real cause, & shall experiment to prove it, next vintage. 

My Verdeilho this year, 1860, was very high 114.60, and some of it as much as 115½; the crop was deficient owing to the very dry season. In 1859 I had 600 gallons of verdeilho, this year I had expected if favourable 800, allowing for the increase of age in the vines & young vines coming into bearing, I had however only 500 gallons.

Have you ever had verdeilho clear itself & become not only drinkable, but so good as to be much sought after, in 6 months from the vintage?

Possibly your extensive experience may suggest some other explanation  of this difference in the result of the fermentation  of the verdeilho, than has occurred to myself and if so I should feel much obliged by having your opinion on the subject –
I remain
Yours truly
B. Herschel Babbage

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