Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 028

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and finds a ready sale.  I have tried this plan for two years but have not yet got the same result.  I should have mentioned that Trimmer puts in 1/15 of Gouais into his verdeilho –  In 1859 I tried this plan, but without any admixture of gouais, as my [indecipherable] of gouais were not in bearing 

I did not perhaps rack off the wine from the fermenting casks so soon as Kercht recommends as I had not got his book to consult. However altho' not getting the same result as Trimmer, I succeeded very well by fining the wine in about 10 months and it has turned out very good. It has more of a Madeira character than my neighbour's, but it takes a twelve-month longer before I can sell it – I have been getting [24/?] a dozen for it bottled being 18 months old – In 1860.I mixed the due proportion of Gouais, was very particular in excluding the atmospheric air, and racked off the verdelho as I thought according to Kerchts recommendation, but the result resembles as yet that of 1859 instead of being fine & clear like Trimmers – 

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