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Tuesday June 26. Glorious old 26th, 2 years ago today was the happiest of my Life, thanks to a certain little Girl saying "yes" to a certain question. It is a glorious day. Just the same as it was 2 years ago. I made up my mind as soon as I woke to try & refrain from using any Bad Language all day - & actually managed to do it. Commenced writing my weekly epistle. Got as far as page 6 before "Lights out".
After Tea we went down to the village to see the finals of the Brigade Boxing Tourney. There were 4 3 - 2 min round Bouts & most of 'em were either clever or funny. One little officer caused a lot of amusement. He was a good age, too, but only lasted 2 rounds. There was a middle weight match for 50 Francs which was quite exciting. The 8 Brigade Band played at intervals & Gen. Tivey was there. It passed the night away very nicely.

Wed. June 27th Busy day getting ready for the Competition. We had a go at Waggon loading today & did very well. Maj. Bond awarded D.S.O. which he richly deserves, as he did wonderful work at Bullecourt, the night Fritz put the Gas over. Capt. Minty of the 15th got the M.C. which he certainly earned.

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