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Our choir then rendered a few items. We quiet expected to be howled down, but they stood us for quite along time. The Col. congratulated us after it was over. Went to Bed feeling tired & full. Wrote [indecipherable] to Ruth B. & commenced a Letter to B.E.

Tues. 26. Boxing Day Finished long letter to M.S. & gave it to Mac to post. Paraded & had kit inspected. Got issued with Leather vest & clean clothes. Cosier & Maj. Wooster returned from Blighty. After Tea the Choir put in an hours practise. They are coming on wonderfully well.

Wed.27. Wrote Sister Nell & Aunt Nell. Was Room Orderly & kept very busy. After Tea we had a Concert Com'tt meeting & also Choir Practise. Corp. Matthews & I arranged some patter & things went off real well. If only we can get a Piano, it should be a ding dong Concert. Wrote Letter to C & E.

Thur. Dec. 28. Commenced Letter to M.S. Jack Parsons wrote 11 pages to his B.G. so I must write at least 14 pages to L. Busy arranging details for Concert. Choir getting in good form.

Fri. 29. Concert keeping us busy. Payney, B. Roberts Clem Matthews, Stan Wright & I went into Vignacourt & purchased material for "Night birds" costumes. Had jolly good feed. Veal Cutlets & 3 eggs each, plenty Bread, Butter & Coffee. 3francs each. Walked back along Railway Line. Put in another busy night composing verses etc. Got to Bed about midnight. Continued Letter to M.S.

SAT> 30. W.O. Roberts went into Amiens to get Piano. Busy all day assisting Bobby Roberts to make ruffles & sew buttons on costumes. Gave Estaminet scene a "try out". Choir going good. Had final rehearsal of 1st part. Continued Letter to B.E. Weather very cold & wet. Up till midnight again. Losing an awful lot of sleep lately.

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