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Spent a most happy day on the cold hard floor. Nothing to do, nothing to read. Lovelock & Jack Parsons came in during the night. Lovelock was sent to the Conv. Hut. For Dinner we had a little soup & for Tea, a little B'd & Butter & Tea. My underclothing is alive with Big Game & sleep is out of the Question.

Tues. 5. It's a big joke to call this a Rest Camp. Everybody is lousy, the orderlies are so rushed with work they cannot tell one the time. There's no water to have a wash & taking things altogether, this place is perfect Hell. The M.O. ordered me a No 9 & Salts to follow – just because I wasn't an Anzac. If a man said he was an Anzac, he got his Ticket marked C.C.S. which gave him a good chance of getting to Blighty. The A.D.M.S. came round & sent Lovelock away to C.C.S.
A little soup for Dinner, a little Bread & Butter for Tea, & a couple of visits to the Latrines, make up the days events.

Wed. 6. This morning the Doc. came round & made me say "Ah". I was [indecipherable] up of laying about in my lousy clothes & asked him if I could get out. He marked my Ticket Conv. Tent where I moved to immed. after Dinner. I thought I was very unlucky to loose my pack, but there are 3 fellows in this Tent who only have a shirt & pair of Pants, the rest was all taken away from 'em & they haven't been re issued yet. At meal times we have to form a que & march into a long brick Barn. The Lord only knows how many men there are at this Camp, but we have to take 3 sittings to get through a meal & what a scramble it is too.

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