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Thur. JAN. 25 (cont.) This is the Kaiser's Birthday & our big guns sent him plenty of presents. After Tea his guns returned Thanks. Laddie made us some Tea which was mighty welcome. We are longing for a mail to come in. Its nearly a month since we had any. I wonder how M.S. is going on. Bert Hunt, Billgy May & I had a Tin of Pineapple & Ideal milk, which made quite a Banquet of our Tea.

Fri. 26. Anniversary Day Back in Sydney the sun is shining & I can imagine M.S. somewhere by the sea in a cool white dress, her eyes reflecting the colour of the sky. Here we are in a Tin Hut, huddled up in our Blankets, trying to get warm. Outside the shells go screaming by in scores. It's marvellous how few wounded we are getting through. Last night our squad didn't have a carry. The air is very clear & there are plenty of aeroplanes about, both Friitz's & ours. We had cold meat for Dinner which was just like eating slices of Ice.

Sat. 27. Glory: Halleluia! A mail in. I got 9 Letters. 1 each from Cis, Nell, Aunt Nell, 3 from France & 3 from M.S. Wish I had some Green envelopes so that I could write. Last night the 29th Div. hopped over & paid a visit to Fritz's Lines. Got 120 Prisoners. The Bombardment lasted about 3 hours & shook our hut considerably. One poor chap died as soon as he reached our A.D.S. L. Shoemark 31st Batt.
Our Squad buried him near our dug-out. Wrote Mother & Lill & put them in Billgys Gn. Envelope.

Sun. 28. Early this morning the 29th Batt. hopped over, but Fritz spotted 'em & it was a failure. Peter Murphy came through this morning badly wounded in both arms & legs. We fixed him up & gave him a stiff nobbler of Rum. I helped to carry him through & when I left he was quite cheerful. Fritz shelled heavily this morning & a no. of shells lobbed very close. Another plane was brought down but whether it was ours or theirs we don't know, as it was in flames

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