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Monday Sunday May 27. Glorious morning. In the Garden, a thrush was singing away merrily & across the meadows came the call of the cuckoo. I looked out of the window. In the distance, the village Church bells were ringing & all seemed good with the world. What a difference to Bullencourt After shaving & ablutions I went down to Breakfast Bacon & Eggs, & nice Fresh Butter Gee! How I enjoyed it. After Break. went round the Farm with Mr Blakeman, Frank & young Alec. My word he's a bonnie kid.
The crops are looking excellent. There is plenty of Food for the cows & they look fat & content. How I enjoyed my Dinner. Roast Beef, Potatoes, Cabbage, followed by Beastings Pudding. I almost felt ashamed of my appetite. After Dinner we adjourned to the Drawing Room where Ruth played, & Jack's wife sang. Three kiddies came to Dinner. The elder girl was very pretty but she played the piano viley. I quite enjoyed that afternoon. After Tea I went to Church with Mrs Blakeman & Ruth. We arrived late. It was a very nice service, & the parson preached a good serMon. In his spare time he works on the Land. We had supper on our return. Then Mr B. & I sat yarning for about an Hour. I went to Bed feeling at Peace with the world.

Monday May 28. After Breakfast I borrowed Frank's Bike & went to see Lizzie Rowley, who lives about a mile away from Ruth's. It was great to ride along the peaceful country roads, with the birds singing merrily & the sun shining; & very pleasant to talk to people in good old English after being in France & Egypt for so many months.

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