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One puttee was good, but the other had a number of holes burnt in it. After Dinner (which was merely a scramble, the reward being a minute quantity of lightning stew) Jack Parsons & I "fell in" with about 40 others ( one lucky beggar being drunk, & made it impossible to "dress" the line) & were marched away to the Q.M. Store, where we were issued with 48 hrs rations, Bread, Jam, Cheese, then we were marched to a heap of tents where we quartered for the night. Issued with 2 Blankets, which without a fire, just kept us cold enough to prevent us sleeping. The chats helped to keep our blood circulating. To improve ? matters a rash broke out under my chin, which the orderly smeared over with some tack like dripping & put a bandage round my head. This also received some attention from the chats & prevented me from shaving or having a desent wash. But I must cheer up or this pile of scribbles will read more like a Treatise on "the Minor Horrors of War" than an attempt at a Diary.

Sun. NOV 10. Sunday which at Home is "the Day". Cold & a drizzling rain. Bacon & plenty of Hot Tea & Bread & Jam for Break. Cheered a man up. After Break. the Serg. Informed us that we were to fall in at 2, & go away with the 2nd div. men to Vignecourt, which was jolly good news. Jack & I took a stroll back to Becordle where I made enquiries about my pack, but am afraid its "napu". All my bloomin" souvenirs & personal nick-nacks "gone to pot". Ah well! a man must not growl if he's been on the Somme nearly 2 mths. & still in one piece. When we returned to our Tent, discovered that our gallant comrades of the 5th Div. had disappeared & with 'em all the bloomin' bread, so we had to take a walk into Albert & purchase a couple of Loaves. About 2 p.m. we were issued with B.B. & B & some Bunghole & marched merrily away to Albert Station. Having no gear I donned Parsons pack (containing our rations) so as to look as much like a soldier as possible. Arriving at the station we picked up 7 Reinfts. for the "Hungry 8th". 1 Serg. & 6 men.

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