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Mon. May 28 (cont) Lizzie was washing when I arrived. What a great old yarn we had about old times. I stayed & had Dinner, Rabbit Pie, which was very nice indeed. Got punctured & a chap next door, very kindly repaired it for me. After Dinner I went on to Stone. Lizzie gave me a big bunch of Lilacs to put on Father's Grave. The Cemetery was looking very nice, plenty of flowers & the green grass [lush?] & neat. Father's grave I found quite easily. It looks well & evidently receives regular attention. Went on to Stone. Called in & had a yarn with Annie Shardlow. She told me some great yarns about Father. Went to Unicorn Hotel. Had tea there. Then I went down to Ern Harveys, but he was out. Called in "Black Horse". Saw Mr & Mrs Bloom. Mr B is getting quite an old man. Met Ernest Jackson & Polly Warren. Stopped & had a great old yarn. Slept at Polly Warren's.

Tues. May 29 Got up about 9. Alice James got my Breakfast. Went over to Adie's after Break. & bought some Post Cards & sent one to Lill. Met Mr Pyatt, Tommy Adie, Mr Gilbert, Redman. Had great old yarn. All asked about Mother, France. Cis & asked to be kindly remembered to them. Must tell 'em when I write. Saw Mr & Mrs Lawley, Mr & Mrs Shaw. Met Pat Astbury in street & promised to go to tea – but missed. Met Jack Turner, "Tugger" Key & a whole crowd of people. Jack took me down to "the Swan" where I met another crowd I knew. Mrs Gorman, Snape & all the "elite" of Abbey Court [a Methodist Chapel]. They flung their arms round my neck & kissed me before I could get away. Met Ern Harvey after Tea. We had a very enjoyable time together. Had a sing song at "The Alma". I went home with him afterwards & slept there.

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