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Wed. 24. What an exciting day. About 2 am the doctor came round & flashed his torch on each Bed. I wondered what was up. Later on the Nurses came & read out a list of names of men who were marked out. Almost everybody was going. Only Smithy (K.R.R.) & McLean (Niagara Falls) & myself were left in our ward. The Q.M. & her assistants were flying around with Blue suits & Pyjamas & the place was in an uproar. Smithy & I went out on to the verandah. I was just settling down to write to B.E. when Nurse Wilson came along & said "Come on Moore, you're next". Gee! I did get a shock. There were no blue suits left so they dressed me up in a suit of pyjamas & a long blue coat. I look like Chu-Chin-Chow. Just after dinner they put us aboard the Cars & we came away to the 2nd Eastern Gen Hosp. [Brighton]

Queen Mary Ward
We came right along the Sea Front & got a good view of the town, which is very fine. After a few hours messing around they brought us along to the Queen Mary Ward & we went to Bed again. It was visiting day & quite a number of Ladies came around & had a yarn. One of 'em gave me a Bunch of very sweet grapes & a Girl gave me a Bun (After a thorough search I found 2 currants in it) At Tea Time they brought around a big lump of cake which one of the Nurses had made so we had quite a good feed.

Thur. 25. This morning the Doctor came round & had a look at us. Then one of the Nurses dressed my Leg. She was quite sore because I told her the wound was nearly healed. She probed it, & said it was not at all healed. Then she put about 2 ft of packing in it, so it looks as though I'm not going to walk on it yet for a few days. Com. Letter 41

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