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Thur. JAN. 11. We got back to the Hall just as they were having Dinner, which the Y.M.C.A. had provided. The walk had whetted our appetites & we thoroughly enjoyed the Steak & Bacon & other good things. We had a rehearsal at 2, which went off well, our Pianist (Frank Newton) being in great form. Had Tea at 4, plenty Bread & Butter & Cakes. Then we commenced to make up for the Show, which was billed to start at 6. As soon as the Doors were opened the crowd rushed in & we had a "Full House" in double quick time. The show went off splendidly, everyone seemed to be at their Best. Several items were encored. The Sketch also took very well. "Oriss" & Madame Melbum taking their parts to Perfection. Billsy May took Payneys place & sung his two songs admirably. The "Belle of N York" went off very well too. After the Show, Mr Greenberg complimented us on the Show & said he never expected to see anything near as good. He also gave us Hot Tea & Cakes, before we got aboard the Cars & returned to Olincourt.

Fri. 12. Busy in the Pack Store all morning. Teddy Wonderful put up a new Rifle Rack for us & one of the Patients fainted & fell on top of it. It collapsed with a crash & greatly upset my Cpl. To make matters worse, a Staff Officer came round on a Tour of Inspection & found our Pack Store in an awful mess. At 3 p.m. the "Night birds" departed for Flesselles in a G.S. Waggon. We had Tea & then got ready for the Show. Last night the acting Brigadier & about a dozen other officers were present & spoke very highly of our Show. We got going at 6.30 & the crowd seemed to enjoy it even better that last night. "Orris" was in great form, & his antics greatly amused the crowd. We finished about 9 & returned Home in the G.S. waggon, tired & happy.

Sat. 13. Last night finished Letter to M.S. & posted it We put our show on in the Mess Tent at night & the patients enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow we are returning to "the Somme" & the crowd gave 3 hearty cheers for the Bearers. It was read out in orders this morning that 8 of the

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