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Tues. 6. We are only occupying one Hut at the A.D.S. now & today got orders to move, so I saw Capt Farquar, the Eng. Chief & explained things to him. He said there was room for us at Waterlot Farm where the Engineers are Camped, so we packed up our Gear & moved into a Big Tin Hut which holds 20 men. I am camped in a dugout next door with 6 of the Engineers. They have a stove there & it keeps the place nice & warm. After seeing the sapper party off at 9.30 I went to Bed.

Wed. 7. Yesterday Serg. Morris came along to see if we wished to be relieved. Of course everybody said "Yes", as it is no joke to go 14 days without a hot meal. About 10 a.m. I went back to Bernafay to arrange for a cook to be sent out. When I arrived Serg. Jeffreys informed me that the Col. had sent in for me to go back to Bellevue Farm & take part in a Concert. Bert Hunt was told off to take my place in charge of the Fatigue Party. I had Dinner with Billy May Roy Knowles & party. After Dinner I went out with Bert to explain the working parties etc. Then I packed my gear & went to Bernafay. Boarded the Hospital Train about 8. Arrived Becordel about 9.30 & walked on to Bellvue Farm, about 2 miles. Arrived there about 10.30. Slept in the Cook's Tent with Jack Kitson. The Concert had come off that night, so I was too late.

Thur. 8. Slept soundly till about 9 a.m. when one of the Cooks brought my Break. to me in Bed. Buttered Toast, Tea & Bacon which was quite a Banquet after doing 14 days in the Trenches.

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