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FRI. Nov. 30. Got an awful shock this morning when Georgie brought me a Bottle of Stout. I ought to soon get well now, what with that & the chicken. Serg. Fowler got marked for Furlough today. Stan Wright did not turn up. I guess London is proving too attractive. Com. Letter 45.

Sat. Dec. 1 There is a lot of talk about another Hosp. Ship returning shortly & it is causing much excitement. Capt. Fox our M.O. is flying round making out Board Papers. He's got everybody guessing. Finished Letter to Lill.

Sun. Dec. 2. Capt. Fox made out Board Papers for nearly everyone in the ward. He marked me B2b, but I am not holding out much hope. Sgt. Fowler is going away tomorrow.

Mon. Dec. 3. Fowler went away this morning & Sailor went to London with him. The Board came round & examined us. Capt. Fox pushed my Case a hard as he could, but I only managed to get B1b, which ought to mean a few months in Blighty, so I must consider myself Lucky as I never expected to get a Board at all.

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