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Societe de [indecipherable]
Annee 1913/14

A.J. Moore
6735 8th Field Amb.

Les Townshend gave me this Book He found it in the ruins of a Cottage at Houplines

A.J. Moore. 6735
B. Sec. 8th Aus. F. Amb.

Diary commencing Nov 11th 1916: - My other diary being filled I commenced another, hoping the Lord will end this awful war long before this book is filled.

[indecipherable] Sat. The Bugles are in use in this camp which makes it quite homely. Reveille at 6. Break. at 7. Bacon & Tea. Parade at 8. One party of the gallant 8th went down to the Quarry & loaded limbers with chalky rock which was carted up to the party I was working with. We are making a road for the motors to come in on, off the Bazentin Road. It is marvellous the amount of traffic that passes along the Roads. There is a constant stream night & day never ceasing. The German prisoners

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