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Fri. Aug. 31. Pay Day. drew 20 Fs. Paid 15 to Billy Williams, that left me with 5. I thought well this is not much use, so I played "nap" & tried to swell it - & lost it. Now I'm stone – motherless broke, & doing my best to kill time till next Pay day. Received Letter from Ruth B. Daunty & Bluey went on leave.

Sat. Sept. 1. Got Letter from "Oriss". He has had a very rough time, but is marked for Blighty. Lucky Beggar. Bill Lancaster got marked P.B. & is also in Blighty.

Sun. Sept. 2. Fine sunny day. Had Church Service in the Barn. Wrote Letter No 32 to M.S. After dinner went for walk to Roqueloire about 4 kilos away. The Portugese troops are billeted there. They wear a grey uniform, very similar to the Germans. The village is very pretty, each house has its garden, & the flowers & fruit are looking well. We arrived back in Camp about 9 pm. It was almost as light as day as we turned into our blankets, owing to a very bright moon & we quite expected to hear some Taubes over. True enough they did arrive. We could hear the whirr of their propellers, & the explosion of their Bombs shook our poor old Barn. Our A.A. Guns banged away at them & for a time there was quite a fierce bombardment. One of the A.A. nosecaps & several pieces of shell dropped quite near our billet. Of course Snowy & Billgy May & a few others had to go out & gape at the shells bursting.

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