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Thur. Dec. 21. O Lord wet again & they call this "Sunny France". Jolly good news in the Paper about the French giving Fritz a hiding at Verdun. Got an Anzac today & a pair of Leggings so I'm getting equipped gradually. The fellows who have had leave to Blighty all seem to have had a jolly good time. Shall be glad when my turn comes.

Fri. 22. The 8th got the worst knock they've ever had this morning. Poor old Alec & Nugget Bennet got killed in their dug out. It gave us all a most painful shock. Hughie Taylor of C sec got baldy wounded too.

Sat. 23. The Bearers returned today & what a sight they looked. Unshaved, unwashed, lowsy, clothes in rags & Poor beggars I felt sorry for 'em. It was good to se 'em again & they were mighty pleased to be back. Stan Wright brought back my mail 2 Letters from France & Xmas Cards I from Cis, one each from Kath, Arthur & David. 1 from Nell, Ruth B, Aunt Nell, & 2 glorious long Letters from M.S. & 2 [tricky?] Post Cards. How the deuce I'm going to answer 'em I don't know.

Sun. 24. After Dinner went into Vignacourt with Stan Wright. Went into a cottage & had a good feed of Eggs, Bread & Butter & Coffee. Made few purchases, Post cards etc. After Tea we strolled through the streets. Met Bricky Howard. Adjourned to an Estaminet & drank each others Health in good English Beer. Later on we met David, Russ & the crowd & had a sing song. Returned about 9 p.m.

Mon. 25. XMAS DAY. Porridge & milk for Break. For Dinner we had Soup, Rissoles, Plum Pudding, Fruit & actually Beer. I ate until I was ready to burst. The patients had first sitting, then they waited on us. After Dinner they gave out Parcels & what a time we did have. For Tea we had Salmon, Tinned, Fruit, Custard & Jelly. After Tea we had a jolly good Concert. Blanton & party played a little sketch entitled "Ours or theirs", which was a huge success.

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