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Friday Sept. 21. Had very little sleep last night. For one thing an overcoat only is hardly sufficient to keep one warm. I left my Blankets behind in my Pack. Slept next to Bluey Roberts, the chap who arrived from Base with Roy Wooler. We turned out about 4.15, & had Break. which was brought up in an Ambulance. Tea & Porridge. It was very acceptable. We walked along to Shrapnel Corner & got aboard motor lorries, which took us through YPRES to our A.C.S. It was a most interesting trip, as we saw the remains of the Cathedral & the famous Cloth Hall. They are now only a heap of ruins. From the A.C.S. we came along to the Left R.A.P. with a load of stretchers. There were dead horses & mules everywhere & it gave us a gentle reminder that a War was on.

We saw 2 Aeroplanes brought down, one of ours & one of Fritz's. The general opinion was that they banged into one another.

After fossicking around for a while we got orders to send 26 16 men out to relieve the Reg. Bearers.
Pill Box R.A.P. 28 Batt. Capt. Harper. We had to remove about a dozen dead Germans before we took over the Pill Box. It is very strongly built of re-inforced concrete. The walls are about 2 ft 6 thick. It is about 18 feet square & about 6 ft high. The roof is built of iron girders & about 4 feet of concrete on top of that. Visited various other Pill Boxes in the vicinity in search of souvenirs. Found a few, but a crowd of Infantry got in before us & had their pick.

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