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Fri. June 8. [no entry]
Sat. June 9th [no entry]
Sun. June 10th Went into Amiens. Got up at 6. Had Breakfast. Es Smith drove us into Albert Station where we caught the Train. There was a big crowd & it was some time before we could get our Tickets. The fare was ½ F. The Train left Albert at 8.30 & arrived in Amiens about 9.45. There was a big crowd of our chaps in the City & the shops did a thriving Business. The first place I visited was a photographers. I got my picture taken & they promised to send them on in 3 weeks time. 20 Fs for a dozen. Snowy Atherton, Nigger Bowden, Bluey Stanton & Bricky Mason were with me. We visited the Cathedral & spent some time viewing the wonderful carvings. Most of the best work is covered by sandbags. The weeping Angel is a very fine piece of work. It is a copy of the original in Rheims Cathedral, which was destroyed.

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