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Tues. Aug. 7th No Breakfast. "Doc" put me on milk diet. Rice for dinner Bread & Butter. Tea Temp. 99.8 Feeling pretty rotten.

Wed. Aug. 8. Things looking brighter. Got up to Breakfast. Went to sit down on one of the seats, when who should I see sitting there but "Oriss" He was quite a treat for sore eyes. Thought surely he was in Blighty, but, like me, he was unlucky. We drew ten francs Attended a Concert in the Y.M.C.A. Very good indeed.

Thur. Aug. 9. Mixture of Sunshine & Showers. Feeling pretty groggy in the Legs & Back. Doctor ordered me a tonic. Managed to struggle up to Mess Hut for meals. "Oriss" & I spent greater part of the day in Y.M.C.A. Hut. It rained after Tea, so we sat on my Bed & swapped yarns & showed each other our photos & snapshots. B.E. will have to forgive me for not writing these days.

Fri. Aug. 10 Beautiful, sunshiny day. Doctor marked me for Bushy at morning sick parade. It is a big Rest Camp away out in the Country. I'll see what happens to Blanton. He has to be Xrayed. Be alright if he comes too. Don't like the idea of going on my own.

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