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Thur. Nov. 23 Camp at Becordle. Here we got orders to report to Bernafay Wood (right of Montaubon) where the gallant 8th" are posted. We drew rations from the Q.M. & started off on our 5 mile "jaunt". Capt Nance stayed behind with the 15th F. Amb. On our way we picked up another chap who was on his way to join the 14th. Before leaving Becordle I got some green envelopes from the 15th Ord. Room. So now I can write a good long Letter to M.S. Hooray. We got a lift part of the way in a limber, then we struggled along on our pins through the mud for another mile or so when we got another ride in a motor ambulance. The Roads were in a frightful state, mud up to the knees & we were jolly glad when we eventually arrived at the A.D.S. I soon found Snowy" Atherton Mac" & the old crowd. They soon make themselves snug, wherever they are. A nice fire was burning & the place looked quite snug. Jacko" grabbed my mess tin & got me a feed of stew &amp some Tea. It was good to be back with the old B's again. Laycock appeared after Tea & told us all about the glorious time he had in London. Snowy" Ath & I made a double bunk & we turned in about 9.

Fri. 24. This is rather an exciting part of the country to be in. Fritz put over a no. of shells quite near to our Tent. I didn't sleep much. Paraded at 9, then we got orders to pack up & be ready to move off at 1 o'clock, to go out to the trenches & carry on the good work. After a good feed of stew we started off under Capt Woods to the different Posts. Snowy, Mac Stan Wright & I with Sgt. Roberts came to No. 1 Post. The wounded are brought here, & our squad load them on to the Waggons. It is 10 p.m. now & we are sitting in the dugout yarning. A few shells are screaming past but are bursting some distance away (Thank Goodness) There is a Canadian Battery near here & Fritz is after 'em. A shell burst right outside this dugout just we arrived but no one was hit. One of the 14th was killed this morning, H.E. through the heart.

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