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Sunday June 3 We turned out at 4 a.m. & after a hard struggle managed to get a drink of Tea. Then we grabbed our Gear & pushed our way to the R.T.O's office, where we were given Tickets stamped "Detained at Etaples from May 31 till June 3." which were very useful to men who had overstayed their Leave. We then went down to the Station & got aboard the Train. It did not leave till 9.30. After an uneventful & most dreary trip we arrived in Albert about 4. One chap fell out of the Train & got his Foot crushed. I almost envied him. We got a motor Lorry from Albert to Bapaume. On our way back we met Sammy who informed me that I had been away the M.M. to which I said "Hooray"
[He was awarded the Military Medal]
Monday June 4th Reveille at 6. First Parade at 7. We were excused the early morning Parade, & also the others. Break at 7.15. The rest of the crowd went for a Route March with full marching order. Snowy & I stayed behind to fix up our things. This is a very pretty Camp we are in. Just the ruins of a number of Houses. Some are in fair condition. Our chaps spend quite a lot of time in the Garden, & it is beginning to look very nice. Outside the Tents they have made mottoes with bits of broken pitcher. Some are very good indeed. Billsy May returned from Hospital. The wound in his back is not healed yet, but the silly beggar reckons he can't stay away from the mob.

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