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Friday. Sept. 21st [contd] Fritz is shelling like Hell & our chaps are getting knocked all over the place. Bert Berry was wounded in the Head & back. Smee got a small piece of shell in the back of the neck. Roy Wooler got a knock in the knee, & Dickson was wounded. Bradley is missing & his case looks serious, as his Pay Book & Steel mirror were picked up with a shell hole through 'em. We missed him when we arrived at the Pill Box, but thought he had only lost his way.

22 Batt. M.O. relieved the 28th
Capt. Orr. About 7, the 22 Batt. Med. Off. & his details changed over, & made this as uncomfortable as they could for us.
We put in a couple of hours trying to clean up the place. It was in an awful mess. There was about 2 feet of water on the Floor & it stank awfully. The dead Fritz's outside were beginning to "pong" & we were very pleased when the Pioneers came along & buried them. There was a German Red x chap went through, wounded. He was in the dug out when we took over. He gave me his Medical Outfit, which I was going to bring back as a souvenir, but somebody got down on it, as they also did to a trench dagger I got from a Pill Box away over from ours. We were well supplied with rations, but it was hard not being able to light a Fire & make some Tea.

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