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Sun. FEB. 4. Got up about 7, lit the fire & cooked Break. for the crowd going out. Rations were still very young so [Hearve?] & I went into the A.D.S. & saw Sgt Stevenson who fixed us up with rations to make up our shortage, but even now we are one meal out. After a look round the Camp we loaded ourselves up with the rations & started back to the A.A.D.S. On our way back we passed some of the Battns at Church Parade. A Band was playing the Hymns & it sounded very fine in the frosty air. A number of Taubes were up & our A.A. Guns banged away at 'em. About 3 p.m. our rations arrived on the Cart. We actually got one loaf to each 2 men which was the best rations we had been issued with for a long time. We had a fire in our Hut which kept us quite warm.

Mon. 5. Glory Halleluyah: a mail in. I got 2 Letters from France & some Papers, 1 from Mother & 1 from M.S. Everything going good. Poor old France is sick. Hope she soon gets right again. Wish to the Lord I could write as I owe an awful lot of Letters. One party went out to Cow Trench this morning, but took the wrong track & got out to the front line. Fritz puts plenty of shells over this way, but our crowd continues to be lucky. Capt. Bullen (15th) told us he required some of the Huts we were occupying, so we had to clear out & look for new quarters. We eventually found some old Artillery dugouts, they are not too comfortable, but "any port in a storm". The weather is fearfully cold & we appreciate out nightly issue of Rum.

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