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Tues. May 22. Had Break in Bed again. Got up about 9. Went to Whitehall & saw them changing Guard. Life Guards & the Blues. Great sight. Then went on to Buckingham & saw them changing Guard there. It was wonderful. The men marched like machines. We also saw the men coming out after being decorated by the King. There was a big crowd & as each man came away he was greeted with much applause. We then met Bunny & Charley Whitaker. Visited Westminster Abbey. Saw the Tombs of Wellington, Nelson & many other famous persons, also saw the Gun carriage on which the Iron Duke's body was conveyed. It is made of captured French Guns. Went into a restaurant & had a great feed of Steak & chipped potatoes. At night we went to see Chu Chin Chow. It was a great Show. Oscar Asche & Lilly Brayton are as good as ever.

Wed. May 23 Spent a quiet day wandering around the City, Riding in Taxis & Buses. The Girl Conductors look very sweet in their neat blue uniforms & hats turned up at the side. Visited Madame Tussaud's. It was most interesting. The wax figures look almost life-like. Snowy & I wandered into what we thought was a nice restaurant – but it turned out to be vegetarian. We tried some nut pie & raspberry pudding – then we gave it up & went to another place for a feed. In the afternoon we purchased Post Cards & writing material & went back to the Shaftesbury. Had an hours sleep, then we spent an hour in the Writing Room. Sent a few Post Cards & wrote to Lill. What a wonderful difference it would make if only she were here. Gee! What a time we'd have.

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