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The Cooks had a good feed of stew awaiting us which we devoured with relish, then we had our Rum Issue & turned into our Blankets.

Thur. FEB. 1. Turned out about 8 & had Breakfast. Then was told off as Picquet Corporal. At Dinner time we got word that a Cpl. had to go out in charge of a party at the new A.D.S. Bert Hunt & I tossed for it. I, of course, lost & had to come out. We got out about 4. I met Sgt. Stevenson on the way out & he informed me that the 15th Cpl had been drunk on Rum for the last 2 days & no work had been done. The A.D.S. is finished & now we have to go about a mile further on to Cow Trench where they are building another A.D.S. It was too late to start work so we just made ourselves comfortable, had some Tea & sat round the Fire.

About 5 a sapper came along & informed me that Capt. Farquar of the 8th Engrs. wanted to see me down at Eskimo Dump, so I went down. Maggs & Bowden came with me. On our way we called in at the Soup Kitchen & had a drink of Hot Soup. Saw the Capt. who gave new instructions about the work we are to do. On our way back we were almost deafened by the noise of our Guns, which were putting over a Barrage into Fritz's lines as some of our fellows are going over on a Raid. We were mighty glad to get back to our A.D.S. where we had a nip of Rum & soon got between our Blankets. Our Guns quietened down after a couple of Hours then Fritz had ago & we couldn't get to sleep until the early Hours of the morning.

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