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Sun. Dec. 23. Few visitors out today, but very few. Weather too cold. Some of the wards have commenced to decorate for Xmas. There is a Prize of £ 2 for the best decorated ward. Finished L 48

Mon. Xmas Eve. Busy day decorating Ward. It looks very pretty. A gang of Kids from the village came round singing Carols, but they made such an awful din, that we we glad to give them a few coppers to get rid of 'em. Capt. Fox has left our ward & Mendelsohn has taken his place. He gave us a thorough overhauling & marked about a dozen of us for Furlough. I am marked to go out next Thursday so will spend Xmas in this beautiful place.

Tues 25 Xmas Day Sausages & Bacon for Breakfast. Started the day well. During the morning we were all given a neat little leather writing Case from the Y.M.C.A. Got a few letters from Ruth, Lizzie & Mrs Sam Ibbs, & some Cigarettes. At 12.30 we had Dinner. The Dining Hall was very nicely decorated & cloths on the table. We had Turkey & Ham, & plenty of Vegetables. Plum Pudding, very nice too. Champagne & Cider to drink. Fruit, Nuts, Chocolate & Lollies. I felt too full for words when I left. As we left the Hall we were each handed a Box from the Red X, containing Pipe, Tobacco, Cigs, H'd kerchief, Choc & Match Box. During the afternoon there was a Jolly Good Concert.

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