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Sun Mon. May 14th During one of the Fritzs Barrages Stan Wright & about 6 others failed to get through. After waiting about 3 hours, we almost decided to go & search for them, when they turned up. It was a great relief to see them. The 15th came & relieved us about 7 oclock & never was a body of men more welcome. We arrived safely back at the A.C.S. in the sunken Road, where we found that instead of having a spell, we had to carry through to the Waggon loading Post.

There were a great many wounded coming through & we were kept busy. About 9 oclock, 4 g.s. waggons came along the Sunken Road & commenced to unload Gas Cylinders. Fritz was sending over a barrage of H.E & shrapnel. Over in the Gully, near the village of Noreuil our Batteries were banging away & Fritz couldn't get 'em. One of the Gas Waggons was standing just outside the A.C.S. About 9 a shell landed right behind one of the Horses. It didn't explode & we all thought it was a dud; till somebody shouted out "Gas". Then it was a rush to get our Gas Helmets on. Maj Bond kept his head well. There were a good number of wounded lying about & these had to fixed up with Helmets. The Heads reckon that about 5 thousand Gas shells came over during the night.

[See Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18, vol. IV, p534]

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