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Sat. Dec. 29. For a stroll until Dinner Time.

Sun. 30. Spent a quiet morning by the Fire telling yarns. After dinner we went for a walk to Ern Harvey's. At night we went to Church, St Michaels. Ibby & I paid a visit to Mr Clough's where he showed us St. Michaels Roll of Honour, on which Sam's & my name appeared. Wrote Letter 49

Mon. 31. Ibby had to return to Felixstowe this morning, so his wife & I saw him off at the Station. He only had 3 days Leave. His wife is staying till Wed. morning, so I am staying on to keep her company. Mrs Ibbs, Fanny Buckley, Jenny Ibbs & I sat up & saw the old year out.

Tues. JAN. 1. 1918. New Year's Day. Last night, at about 10 to 12, I went outside, so that when the clock struck 12, I could walk in, & wish 'em a Happy New Year". Stayed outside about 20 minutes then they came & told me that the Clock did not strike after 7. Good Joke.
This is Market day in Stone, but very quiet to what it was in the old days. Stone is very quiet. Mrs Ibbs & Jenny & I went to a Whist Drive & had a most enjoyable time. At every table I met someone I knew. There were some jolly nice Girls there. I never dreamed that Stone had so many Girls. They all called me Jack till they found out that I was married, then it was "Mr Moore". B.E. will always do me anyhow.

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