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Con. Camp

Sunday. Aug. 5th Good Lord: reveille at 6 – Sunday morning too. It's enough to drive a man to drink – Church Parade in Church Army Hut. Nice cheerful service. The music was supplied by a string orchestra of about 12 performers. The chaplain didn't preach a sermon, but had a straight little talk with the Boys. The Hall was packed & as I looked around, it struck me what a cosmopolitan crowd we were. On either side of me was a Maori & a Canadian. Right in front sat a chap as black as the ace of spades, & next to him sat a S. African. The parade was in charge of a W.O. of the Westminster Dragoons. It is pouring in rain again.

I put in for a pass to Rouen but it won't be much use unless the rain knocks off. Fell in at Police Tent & were issued with Belts & passes. Walked about ¾ mile along the road to the Tram. Electric Trams, but they travel very slowly. Arrived Rouen after about ½ hours ride. Fine, big city. Full of Troops, all nationalities. Shops & cafes all in full swing. Anybody can get a feed & a drink at any hour, excepting British troops. These have to wait till 6 before they can obtain a refresher. A machine gunner, Jack Benton, 14 B'ge, came in with me. We visited the cathedral first. It is a beautiful building & very very old. A service was being held, & we were lucky in hearing the fine organ, & the choir in some beautiful singing. Next we visited the Market Square where Joan of Arc was burnt by English soldiers.

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