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Mon. Nov. 13 It was at the 5th Dump I got 'em & while there I met "Tiny O'Brien" & [indecipherable] who were in the next tent to me at Liverpool. The first thing they said was "How's the wife?" so I must tell old B.E. that next time I write. After Dinner we went to the Baths, where we got rid of some of our "Big Game". Gee! What a treat it was to take off our chatty shirts & get under a hot shower, to soap ourselves all over, then have a good rub down with a dry towel & put on a clean shirt. It was glorious. First decent wash we've had for months. Billsy May went away this morning to "Blighty". We gave him a hearty send off. He was one big smile. Gave him my diary to post to Aunt Nell, also a Letter to post to M.S. The nightly issue of Rum is always very welcome. It makes a good night cap before retiring for the night.

Tues. Nov 14 The Bombardment has been terrific this last few days. Our Guns are sending it over to Fritz hot & strong, night & day, without ceasing. Most of us are suffering from Headaches & no bloomin' wonder. After Break. we went into Albert. Doherty, Deed, Jackson, 12 of us in all where we demolished old houses & loaded the bricks on to waggons We worked in the shadow of the Church & the Infant Jesus (in the arms of the Virgin Mary) hung almost over our heads. It seems a terrible thing that such a beautiful piece of work should be knocked about by the Huns. The 5th F.A. sent us out some Tea & stew for Dinner, in a motor, but most of it got spilled on the way & we got very little. Got back to Camp in time for Tea, which consisted of a dry Biscuit & a drink of Tea. The Rum issue out out too. Thank the Lord I got 2 letters from M S tonight which made life worth living again.

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