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Mon. Aug. 20. Told off to attend Gas school. Fell in at 7.30 & marched off with a big crowd of Artillery & L.H. A band played us part of the way. It was quite like old times again at Liverpool. Arrived Bull Ring about 9. It is a finely laid out Camp, Artillery, A.S.C. & all branches of the service have the finishing touches applied here before going down the Line. There is also a big Vet. Hosp. there, where sick & injured horses receive treatment. Each horse has it's diet & treatment sheet over it's stall, just as patients in Hospital have their's over their bunks. We were given Lectures during the morning on the affects of the different gasses, & also received instruction on the way to combat against it's affects. We then put on our S.B.Rs & passed through a Gas Chamber. At 12.30 we had Lunch. We brought rations for 10 men, but as there were only 6 of us we had plenty to go round.
Wrote a Letter to M.S. No. 30.

At the Base

After dinner we had another Lecture on "Gas & the care of Gas Helmets". Then we went thro' another Gas chamber, & as we came out our tickets were stamped. We then returned to Camp, arriving there about 5.30. Here we met Sgt. Petit, Jack Woodward & S/Sgt Brenda. It appears that all supernumerary W.C.O's have to return to the Base. There is a big crowd of 'em here already & they are still coming in.

Tues. Aug 21. Glorious weather. Break. very light. Was told off to see the Lines were cleared up for C.O's inspection. After dinner I wrote a few Letters. Don't care how soon I am sent back to my unit now, as its very monotonous in this Camp.

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