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The 14th came out early & relieved us. Bricky & I reported at the A.D.S. where they took our Temps. Bricky was 101.2 & I was [indecipherable] The M.O. told us to go straight to Bed which we did & stayed there till Sunday morn.

Sun. Nov. 3. Capt Nance came to see me after Break & ordered me to be evacuated. Took my gear down to A.D.S. (with the assist of Les Townshend) where we were given a drink of hot cocoa while waiting for the Cars. They took my boots away & only left me my pack. After about 2 hours waiting I got away in a car to where the 5 F. AMB are. Here we got more hot coffee & were examined by another doctor who marked our tickets C.R.S. or C.C.S. Mine was marked C.R.S. After waiting here for about 3 hours we got another ride to C.R.S. Here we were [hustled?] into a Tent & saw another doctor, who sent us away again, after asking a few more questions. Eventually we were issued into in a Tin Hut holding about 20. Here we we shown to a place on the hard floor to sleep. Very nice quarters for a man with a Temp of 102.6. My pack went astray somewhere while I was at the 5th. Sent a note on to Capt. Nance & asked him to enquire about it.

Mon. 4. Very restless last night, what with the hard floor, the chats & wondering what had become of my pack. The Orderly took our T's about 6 a.m. Mine was 100.6 Had Bread & milk for Break. Doctor came round about 10 (Maj. Russell) Took down a few partics. & ordered me to stay in Bed on a light diet. We had no fire in the Hut & it was mighty cold. The 6 F. A are running this place. They only came in a couple of days ago & the place is anyhow. The patients were rushed in on 'em before they were ready.

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