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Fri. May 4. It's about time another mail was in. After Dinner, Bill Williams, Nick Coxon & I walked out to Mametz to the Div Sports. It was a very warm day & I actually raised a sweat, the first one since I came back from the Line. There was big crowd there & the events went off very well. "Billgy" May & "Shag" Shearer came 2nd in the Stretcher Bearer's race, they should have got first, but failed to do some little item & lost points. Our Q.M. McFadyon won the Officer's Race – flying & Tommy Ross & Les Foote won the 3 legged Race. We came away at about 4, got a lift in a Motor Lorry part of the way, & had a glass of Beer & a good Bath when we arrived back at Bellvue Farm.
Sat. MAY 5. Capt. Riley fixed up my Tooth. Last night we had a meeting in the Mess Hut to decide about giving a Show at the Reinf. Camp. Fred Winter, Charley Hall & Capt Marshall went on leave.

Sun. May 6. Glorious day. The Trees are bursting into bloom & look very pretty. The news from then front continues good, but the slaughter must be terrible on both sides. After Tea Bill Williams & I went for a stroll along the Becordel Road & came across a big crowd of Reinf. On their way to the Front Line. They looked in the Pink of Condition.

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