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Bed 23. Bristol Ward
Tues. Oct. 9 Sausages for Break. this morning, very nice too. My Doctor came round yesterday. He says they must wait till the incision in my Leg is healed & then have another go with the X Ray. The old Gent brought us some Acid drops today & a Lady brought us some small bags of Lavender, which makes the place smell very sweet.

Wed. 10. Received Letter from Ruth. She informs me that Mary is down here, & will come to see me, which is certainly good news. It is a beautiful day outside, but jolly cold indoors. Today we had Fish for Dinner, which was a pleasant change. They feed us up well at this place. Breakfast is the worst meal of the day. That is decidedly "young". Commenced Letter 37 to M.S.

Thurs. Oct. 11. The nurses at this Hospital are the biggest lot of women I ever saw. They have arms on 'em like the "Village Blacksmith". Got a Letter from Mary B. saying she is coming to see me, so I must spruce myself up. Yesterday 2 very nice Ladies came to see me. They were from the Red X, & brought me a heap of good things. A Tin of Tobacco & a Hair Brush among them. Just the 2 things I most needed. Mary arrived about 2.30. She brought me a bunch of beautiful Flowers. What a fine Girl she has grown into. I got quite a shock when I saw her. She stayed with me for about an hour, & we had a good old yarn about old times. Of course she wanted to know all about B.E. & I had to produce my Photos. Continued Epistle to M.S. No. 37.

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