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Fri. Oct. 12. Yesterday "Snowball", Paddy & 3 others left the Ward & it seems very quiet this morning. More good news in the Paper. Hooray. I'll soon be able to send home the magic word "Pyjamas. Our Nurse was sent on duty to another ward, so we have to look after ourselves now. "Canada" broke the Phonograph, & things are all wrong. A Lady brought us some Nuts & Fruit, & another Lady played the Piano to us for a couple of Hours. Wrote to Ruth.

Sat. 13. Another glorious day. Got a "bonser" parcel of Apples & Pears from Lizzie. Received Letter & Photo from Ibby. Shall be jolly glad to get my mail from France.

Sun. Oct. 14. Fine sunny day. Wrote to L. Rowley. After dinner the place was overrun with visitors. All the chaps in our Ward are up, excepting "Smithy" & I. They pulled us out on the Verandah, where it was very pleasant, basking in the Sun. The 2 Ladies from the Red X came to see me & brought me some Papers. Smithy's Girl & her Mother came to see him. They brought a Big Home Made Cake, to which we did full justice at Tea Time. There is plenty of Fruit about, & we are doing well. Tonight my Temp. is 101 & I feel rotten. Seems like a dose of Trench Fever. Nurse gave me a dose of Black Jack, which is awful.

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