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Wrote Letter 26 to M.S.

Sunday. July 22. No mail in yet. It's about time we did get some. Fine, sunshiny day. We had dinner at 11.30. Fell in at 12 &amp marched down to Brig. H.Q. where we picked up a Motor Lorry & got a ride into Contay. The 14th Brigade were formed up into 3 sides of a Square. Gen. Birdwood presented us with our M.M. ribbons. We had to halt 3 paces from "Birdy", salute, then step forward 1 pace, & the Gen. pinned on the medals & ribbons. One chap got the Serbian Gold Medal, & another the Croix de Guerre.

(Gen. Hobbes & a big crowd of Heads were present & Birdy shook hands with us & said nice things. Then he marched the Brigade past us. Truly it was some day.

Monday July 23. Our Concert came off in "the Tivoli" It was to have started at 7, but by that time there were only about a hundred in the Building. This was due to some bungling son the part of the Y.M.C.A. chap. The Hall quickly filled as soon as the crowd knew that a show was on. Things went off very well. After the Show the Y.M. gave us a Feed. Jack Edgar, Ted Jane & Toby Barton worked very hard all day getting the place ready. Our new scenery looked very fine.
What's up! Rabbit for Dinner.

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