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Mon. Oct. 15. Spent a rotten night. Couldn't sleep, & the Bandage slipped off my Leg. The night nurse fixed it up & brought me a Hot drink. Then I managed to drop off to sleep. Things are very comfortable in our Ward. We have a good fire burning night & day. A good number of visitors come around, & most of them bring something for the troops. Crawford went away today, that leaves us with only 8. We smoke & read & write Letters. War is seldom mentioned. After Tea the nurses gave us an excellent Concert in the Big Ward. The inmates of the "old men's Home" were allowed to listen. The last thing I heard before dozing off was the massage Sister juggling with top C's

Tues. 16. Bleak, dreary day. What a treat it is lay back in Bed & have one's Break. brought to one. All the same I'd enjoy it more if the Botts were here to share the Fun. The Sister in charge of this Ward has been here 30 years. Gee! What a Life! "Capstan" Tobacco is very rough of late. I cannot smoke the Tin I got from the Red X, & I'm not very fastidious. It's about time some mail arrived from France. I'll be mighty glad to get it. The House doctor's name is Holmwood. He comes from Essendon. We had a great old yarn. He asked if I had any "Bulletins", but I'm as anxious to get one as he is. Glory: Alleluia, the nurse gave me another Pill tonight. I'll be posted "missing" one of these fine mornings. Wrote Letter 38 to B.E.

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