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Sun. April 1st Last night we had quite a full house. 3 of our Sergeants & 4 of the 15th camped in our Hut & kept the place lively till all hours.
This morning they went away to an officer's School. After Tea George Hand & I went into Albert again & had a "petit [beeras?]" . It is most amusing. For ½ Franc we get a Pork & Beans tin of Beer & for un franc we get a Butter Tin Full. The Town is full of Tommies. It's rotten not getting any mail. We are beginning to wonder what's gone wrong. I commenced a Letter to France, but I'm hanged if I know what to put in it.

Monday 2. Cold bleak wind. About midday is snowed very heavily. Last night a Fritz plane came over & dropped a bomb in the Town. Evidently they are after H.Q. but they missed badly & did no damage whatever.
Tonight we got some new Music from Blighty, so now we can go ahead with a new Programme.

Poor old M.S. I wonder if she is getting my Letters alright, I hope so.

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