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Tues. June 19. Busy day digging pits in which to bury rubbish, also new Latrines. The crowd were to have gone on a Route March, but it poured in rain & put it off. Wrote Nelly Blackman. Payney went into Dernancourt, to see about a Piano for our Concert. The Canteen opened again. Stan Wright. Bott. Johnnie Moore Manager. Payday drew 20 Fs.

Wed. June 20th Visited Amiens. Left Camp at Senlis about 9.30. Motor Amb. J. Moore, Dave Fry, J. Kitson, Snowy Atherton, D. Bowden, Sid Royall, & self. Arrived Amiens about 10.30. Purchased Post cards & a few other items. Had a good feed feed. Kit & I wandered round the Town. Had a good time. Caught Train 8 pm. Arrived Albert 9.30 Walked back to Camp. 4 miles.

Thur. JUNE 21. Got 2 bonza parcels this morning, one from Mrs Sam Ibbs & the other from Ruth Blakeman. Mrs Ibbs parcel contained a tin of Fresh Eggs, which exploded & cut my nose & eye. They were certainly Fresh.

Fri. June 22 Today we move our Outhouse to its new site amidst much cheering.

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