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Fri. Aug. 24 (cont) On arriving at Station we were issued with 48 hours rations. By the time we got all our gear & rations aboard, the carriage was full. We left Havre about 9.30 & after a very bumpy ride, we arrived at Rouen about 5 am on Sat. Aug 25th

Last night we got very little sleep, as the carriage was so crowded. We sat up at intervals & had a little refreshment or a smoke. We detrained at Rouen & marched about 2 miles to a Rest Camp, where we purchased Coffee, Eggs, Bread & Butter & Cake & managed to make quite a decent feed. We also had a wash & brush up, which refreshed us greatly.

It is 9 oclock now & we are sitting alongside the river Seine watching the traffic move up & down & wondering what's going to happen next. It's a glorious morning.

Sat Fri Aug 2 45 (cont)

Spent the morning quietly. Quite a crowd of vendors are buzzing around selling P. Cards mirrors, etc. I purchased a small pocket mirror which will be very handy as it takes up so little room in ones pocket. I had a franc & half left which was practically useless, so I invested it in a few games at "Housey" & actually won 5 Fs, with which Murray & I purchased Tomatoes & Cake for Dinner.

We fell in about 3 & marched away to the Station. Before I left I got quite friendly with a little French girl, whom I made a friend for Life by giving her a small case containing mirror & comb. Her smile of thanks was worth a months pay. We got aboard the train, trucks this time, carriages were for "Officers only". Murray & I got in with the Q.M. & Stores, so we did alright for Tucker. There were 20 of us in the carriage & we just had enough room for each man to lie down. We passed through some very pretty country.

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