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Tuesday June 5. Finished Letter to M.S. Also wrote Stone, to Old Road. Glorious weather. Quite hot. Went for Route March with Capt. Irving. Tried to get to Picture Show at night with Snowy, Billsy & Towny but after waiting around for about an hour they came out & announced that the Show was off. We went into what is left of Bapaume Church. The Huns blew it up. In one big vault there are a big number of skulls, which are said to be some of the Heads that were chopped off during the Revolution.

Wed. June 6 Weather continues good. Gas Helmet & stretcher drill. This afternoon our cricket team played the 3rd C.C.S & beat them by 3 wickets. We drove down to the Ground in Motors. After Dinner I wrote to Ruth B & Mother.

Thur. June 7. Squad Drill with Capt Irving. It was very hot & he kept us moving. After Dinner went to Baths with Stan Wright. Fritz put a few shells over at night. Les Townshend went into Amiens & returned in the early hours of the morning.

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