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gave us Cocoa & B'd & Butter twice during the trip. We arrived at Calais at about 11 a.m. From the train we were taken aboard the Hosp. Ship. They had a big crowd of Fritzs to unload us. It was quite a novelty to be carried by the Huns.
The name of the ship was "Pieter de Cominck". It used to be a passenger boat running between Belgium & England. Just previous to the war, it was used by King Albert as a private yacht. She was beautifully fitted up. The bunks were quite luxurious. Snowy-white sheets & good warm Blankets. They gave us a good feed of very nice stew which went down well. We left Calais at 2.15 & arrived in Dover about an hour later, after a good crossing. From the ship we were put aboard another Hospital Train. It was quiet luxurious, also, & I began to think that getting wounded was not the worst thing in the world, by any means.

Royal Sussex County Hospital
As we passed through the various stations en route, people waved their hands. (It is really surprising that after 3 years of war, they can still raise a certain amount of enthusiasm) We arrived at Brighton about 10 p.m. Here we were unloaded by V.A.D's & put aboard Motor Amb. & brought away to this Hospital. It is a Civil Hospital, & things are much more "free & easy" than they are in a Military Hospital. They put me in a nice little Bed. Then 2 nurses came along & washed me & put a clean shirt on me. After that they brought along some Hot Milk & kissed me wished me "Goodnight".

Sun. Oct. 7. This morning the Nurse awoke me at 5 & brought along some warm water in which I washed. At 6 they brought

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