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Mon. Aug. 27 Slept in this morning & did not appear on Parade. Weather very rough, raining heavily & cold wind blowing. There is a little girl at the Farm named Marie. She dodges in & out of our billet & is a great favourite among the boys. Yesterday I got quite a big bunch of mail. 4 Letters from Lill, 1 from Mother, 2 from France & one from Nell. Everybody well, thank Goodness, but surprised to hear that France is going to one of the Fronts.
Wrote Letter No 31 to M.S.

Tues. Aug 28 Orderly Corpl. Wet, miserable day. Had my meals in the Cookhouse. Tomorrow "Doug" Haig inspects the Division & the crowd are busy polishing their gear. Fierce, cold wind blowing. Quite a lot of trees blown down, & stacks upset.

Wed. Aug 29 Still raining & the wind stronger than ever. Some of our chaps had to go out & clear away trees that had fallen across the road. My word the crowd did look well as the marched away for the Inspection. As my gear was not cleaned up I was excused, so stayed in the Billet & wrote Letters. Read a good yarn "The Amateur Gentleman". After Tea went for a stroll through La Belle Croix & several; other villages with Payney & F. Woods.

Thur. 30. Gas Helmet drill & Route March. We have no duties after Dinner. Sent "Anzac Bully" & P. Cd's Havre & Rouen to Lill. We should have been paid today, but it didn't come off. We are hoping it will happen tomorrow as everyone is broke. Jack Daunt & Bluey Stanton got their passes for Blighty. They leave tomorrow.

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